Posted on: October 10, 2009 2:53 pm

I said UGA wouldn't make a bowl game

After the first game of the year.  Still think I'm wrong? 
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Posted on: September 9, 2009 7:43 pm

The worst stadium restrooms in the NCAA

Here's something you don't read about every day. 

I haven't been all around the country to watch college football...I've really only been to stadiums in the southeast and midwest.  By far the most interesting restroom experiences I've had were at the University of Georgia's Sanford Stadium.  I've been to the Daytona 500 were there was an inch of water in the bathroom and it doesn't compare to the restrooms in Sanford stadium.  I believe if you die and go to hell, you come back as a commode in that place.  It's got to be 90 years of nastiness built up there.

Not all bad though...I've managed to have been flashed a few times by girls who went into the guys restroom because they didn't want to wait on the line.  I've also seen one of the most impressive things ever.  Normally I like to sneak in an ole "traveler" into the game. If you ever walk into a stall, it is littered with liquor bottles from fellow underground 'travelers'.  This one stall however had an empty half gallon of crown sitting on the top of the toilet.  I don't even know how you begin to sneak that past the guards or have the audacity to do so...but you sir are commended!

...anyone else think they have Sanford beat?  Man what a pointless blog entry...
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Posted on: August 4, 2009 8:14 pm
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Worst Braves of the decade

As I was watching the Braves last night, I thought...these guys suck.  That in turn made me thinking about who the worst Braves of the decade are...

10.  John Rocker  -  Once was a dominating relief pitcher...on top of his game he was probably a top 5 closer.  We all laughed when he made fun of Mike Piazza and the Mets fans, but then he attacked race, sexuality, and sick people.  When he tried to back pedal, it was about the equivilant of pouring starter fluid on a tire fire.  Once the he was rightfully hammered by the media, he was never the same pitcher.  He suddenly couldn't find the strike zone and couldn't miss a bat.  Just think if he would have kept his mouth shut, he would have been closing in Atlanta for years and half of this list would have never existed.  Thanks you dumb redneck.

9.  Rico Brogna -  In 2001 the Braves were blessed with this gem of a player.  Rico had his moments in his career, they just weren't with the Braves.  Rico was one of the best in the business at coming up during pivital points in the game and hitting the ball perfectly to the shortstop for a double play.  He couldn't hit and he couldn't run...mercifully Brogna faded away after his stint with the Braves.

8.  Manny Acosta-  Manny Acosta nother game.  Not sure what Bobby Cox sees in him because the rest of us see batters circling the bases and runs being scored.  If the object of the game was to prolonge it, Manny would be the man. 

7.  Jeff Francouer-  Jeff had his moments for sure, and Im really just trying to put in someone recent, but he ran his cycle.  After about 25 games pitchers discovered that if you throw the ball to Jeff anywhere he'll swing at it.  Since being sent packing to the Mets, the Braves set some oscillating fans close to home plate to cool off the fans now that Jeff isn't there to provide the big whiffs.

6.  Keith Lockhart  -  Every Sunday while I was hung over, I'd sit on the couch and watch the Braves...and every freakin Sunday this guy started.  Keith had the infield pop up patented.  Every now and then, Keith would knock a slow dribbler through the infield for a single...probably because the infielders were looking up a the sky waiting for the pop up. 

5.  Horacio Ramirez  -  Horrible Ratio Ramirez.  The bad news was that every time he pitched, the Braves would be down by 8 runs by the 4th inning.  The good news was I was always able to hit up the bars early every 5th day.

4.  Kevin Gryboski -  The anti Smoltz.  Kevin's ERA doesn't show how bad he really was.  Kevin allowed a ridiculous amount of runners with his tenure with the Braves.  He probably doesn't deserve to be 4, but I'm not rewriting this whole list at this point. 

3.  Raul Mondesi  -  At some point, someone thought it would be a good idea to let this guy have a 2nd chance.  Leave it up to the Braves to provide it.  Leo Mazzone had always turned around projects on the pitching staff, maybe they thought that since Mondesi had such a rocket arm....a phrase I heard over and over again...Mazzone could teach him how to make contact with the ball.  There were very few times I was angry Ryan Langerhans wasn't starting, but these times were one of them. 

2. Chris Reitsma -  One thing was for sure, every time the Reitsma express entered the game was over...for the Braves.  Reitsma was a guarantee to let the other team back in the game.  Thinking of new and creative ways to lose games...which he later passed on to Bob Wickman.  The Reitsma express was eventually derailed by an injury...probably from whiplash after giving up so many home runs. 

1.  Dan Kolb  -  I wish I could say that I spent hours debating on the worst Brave of the decade.  Unfortunately I named #1 before I named the rest.  Dan Kolb, for a lack of a nicer word, was horrible.  I mean horrible.  Nothing took the life out of the players and the fans faster to see ole Dan trotting out onto the field.  I'm out of nice things to say about I actually won't mention the negatives.

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So...who can beat Florida?

In order from least likely to most likely.  The Gators might not lose at all, but they have never had an unbeaten season...and a few teams have a chance.  Note the SECCG and bowl game are not included. 

12.  Charleston Southern -  This would top App States upset by a country mile.

11.  FIU -  This program is up and coming and this will be their "Super Bowl", but don't stand a prayer late in the season.

10.  Troy  -  A better Sunbelt team, but unless Tebow sprains something scoring touchdowns against Charleston Southern, it won't happen. 

9.  Vanderbilt  -  If Vandy couldn't beat them with Jay Culter, they are't going to do it here. 

8.  Mississippi State  -  Dan Mullen will know the Gators better than anyone they play, but they can't stay on the field with them talent wise.

7.  Kentucky  -  Kentucky has a way of staying with teams before snatching defeat from the jaws of victory...they should grasp it firmly this game. 

6.  Tennessee  -  Everyone expects a blowout, but suppose Tennessee finds a quarterback somewhere.  The Vols have a defense that could slow UF down if their offense and special teams don't put them in a bad position over and over again.

5.  South Carolina  -  Never count out Spurrier.  This game could be one of the easiest or one of the toughest.  SC is usually either injured or has given up by this time in the year. 

4.  Florida State  -  Same with Tennessee, the Noles have the athletes on defense to step up and slow Florida down.  Crazier things have happened in this rivalry.

3.  Arkansas  -  The "Ole Miss" game this season.  Right after a tough trip to LSU which should be an extremely physical game.  The Razorbacks have a knack in winning games out of the blue they have no business winning.

2.  Georgia  -  One of the two teams on the schedule that can actually match up with Florida offensively and defensively.  UGA has a bye week before and Tennessee Tech the week after.  UF should get their undivided attention.

1.  LSU -  Always a tough matchup. Game will be at night (all the LSU home games this year will be) where the atmoshere should be chaotic.  LSU plays UGA the week before...this may be the only game UF isn't favored by double digits...including the bowl game.

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